Lesson Plans

Day 1:      D-O-W-N


Day 2:      Dividing Mixed Numbers:

Math  N8.4:     Direct Intruction-  Demonstration

 Interactice Instruction-  Problem Solving


Day 3:      Indigenous Perspectives on the Ecosystem:

   Science  IE7.1:    Interactive Instruction- Discussion and Problem Solving


Day 4:      The Lifecycle of a Water Bottle:

Prezi – The Lifecycle of a Water Bottle

Social Studies RW8.3: Direct Instruction- Demonstration, Listening and Viewing

    Experiential Learning – Conducting Experiments


Day 5:      Debating Social Issues:

English CC7.4,  CC8.7: Direct Instruction – Listening and Viewing

     Independent Study – Inquiry Learning


Day 6:      Self Esteem Letters:

Health USC7.4:  Interactive Instruction- Brainstorming and Peer Practice


Day 7:     Canada’s Fur Trade:

Prezi – Canada’s Fur Trade

Social Studies DR8.3: Experiential Learning – Simulations, Role Playing, and Games


Day 8:  Zentangling for Residential School Survivors:

Visual Art CP8. 11: Direct Instruction- Explicit Teaching and Demonstrations

     Experiential Learning – Project Work