Who Am I?

Hello! I am Tiana Waldbauer. I come from a small town in southern Saskatchewan where I have been shaped to be the person I am today. I love the prairies. I grew up with figure skates on my feet, a paintbrush in my hand, a music lessons bag in the other hand, and a cat …

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Welcome To My E-Portfolio!

Here you can find many aspects of who I am, what my beliefs and values are as an educator, and what I have been up to recently! I have also included resources obtained through assignments and experiences along with some class work. So take a look around, add a comment or like if you want, …

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Teaching Philosophy​

I believe in individuality. Each person is unique in their strengths and weaknesses and education should challenge their strengths and encourage their weaknesses.  This can only be achieved if students are recognized as individuals.  Creating lessons that are inclusive to each student's individual qualities is a large component of my practice.  The goal should be …

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