Drawing to Music

GRADE 5 ARTS EDUCATION - Visual Art/Music Lesson Template Lesson Time Required: 50 minutes Required Resources and Materials: Blank Paper Pencils/Pencil Crayons/Markers Speakers or another way to play music Access to a way to play whatever music the students may choose Tables to colour at Grade Level and Conceptual Focus: Grade 5 (Pop Culture) Key …

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Vocal Warm Up and Singing Rounds

To begin, first have students massage their jaw line and temples. Second, practice deep breathing and holding breath. Third, practice ragdoll forward bends while exhaling loudly. Next, have students walk around room while producing short vocalizations from the diaphragm. Then, split class into two or three groups and have each group stand in a circle. One …

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Animal Farm

Fill an envelope with small papers that have animal names on them. There should be one name per every 3-6 pieces of paper (may vary depending on size of class). On the back of each paper will be the sound that the animal on the front makes. Have students draw a piece of paper and …

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