First, number students off 1-4 (depending on how many students) and remind students to remember their number. Have all students walk around the room with purpose and after several seconds announce one of the student's numbers. The students who were given that number will stop, begin to shout, “I’m crumbling!” and begin to slow motion crumble …

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Animal Farm

Fill an envelope with small papers that have animal names on them. There should be one name per every 3-6 pieces of paper (may vary depending on size of class). On the back of each paper will be the sound that the animal on the front makes. Have students draw a piece of paper and …

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Atom Grouping

Have students walk around the room in all directions. Every 10-15 seconds tell them to get into groups (choose a number of people per group). However, instead of saying "group" say "atoms". Once in their "atoms" of the correct number of people, anybody that has not joined an atom can be welcomed into the center …

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