Drawing to Music

GRADE 5 ARTS EDUCATION - Visual Art/Music Lesson Template Lesson Time Required: 50 minutes Required Resources and Materials: Blank Paper Pencils/Pencil Crayons/Markers Speakers or another way to play music Access to a way to play whatever music the students may choose Tables to colour at Grade Level and Conceptual Focus: Grade 5 (Pop Culture) Key …

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The Asynchronous Counting Game

Students sit in a circle facing outwards with the lights off. Students are to then count up to the same number as the amount of participants asynchronously and randomly. If a number is said by more than one student at the same time than the students are to start over. The point of the game …

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Imaginary Ball Toss Name Game

  For this activity, participants are to stand in a circle about a foot apart. One participant begins by pretending to throw a ball to another participant in the circle. The receiver of the imaginary ball pretends to catch the ball by clapping their hands. They then pass the imaginary ball to a different participant. This …

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