My Digital Identity

First of all, do I Even Have a Digital Identity?

Like nearly everyone in the world today, I do indeed have a digital identity. At the most, I post to social media maybe once or twice a month, which for some people, that might seem like an awfully low number, but despite my lack of facebook and instagram posts, my digital identity is very much in existence. You see, I have had Facebook and Instagram since 2010, and that’s not counting all of the posts and photos of me that my Mom was posting long before then (thanks Mom…). So even if it feels as though I don’t really have an identity online, I actually really do.

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Secondly, What is My Digital Identity?

Ok, so I have a digital identity, but what is my digital identity? This question has me thinking of the few people on facebook that I met once, somehow became friends with on facebook, and never saw in person again. Who would these people perceive me as? To better answer this, I took a look through my social media accounts to see what my profiles had to say about me. Here is what I found:

  • Family oriented

Much of what I could find presents me as a big family person. There are more photos and posts of me with my family then anything else. I don’t think anyone would argue that being family oriented is a negative thing (if there are then I feel bad feel bad for them) so I am happy to be presented as such.

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  • Artsy

A lot of my posts also have to do with art. Like family, art certainly isn’t viewed in a negative light, especially not in the education world where it’s even apart of the curriculum!  Art is another aspect of my digital identity that I am proud to show to anyone.

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  • Outdoor enthusiast

Outdoor activities appear to be a big part of my life according to my digital identity and I won’t complain about that! Not only is outdoor ed apart of the curriculum but spending time outdoors plays a big role in living a healthy lifestyle. Being an outdoor enthusiast is yet another aspect of my digital identity that I am not afraid to show.

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  • An educator

Posts about teaching and being an educator are a growing category on my social media profiles. Obviously posts that take pride in being an educator are nothing to fear so I will continue to share my experiences from this profession.

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Is My Digital Identity Professional?

Hmmm… My digital identify isn’t unprofessional. From what I found, there is nothing attached to my digital identity that I wouldn’t want a fellow educator or possible employer to see. Besides the occasional unflattering photo of myself, I am pretty confidant in my digital identity and am not afraid to have unrestricted accounts. In the past, I have had to remove posts written by others from my profile due to the use of derogatory language. I have even gone to the lengths of unfriending family members who couldn’t control their language on Facebook. So I suppose it is safe to say that my digital identity is, after all, professional.


I Want Your Opinion!

I want to improve my digital identity but don’t know where to begin!

Beside maybe posting more education related things or even just posting more in general, I can’t think of anything I could do to improve my digital identity. If you are feeling inclined, please take a look at one or more of my social media accounts and let me know what you think by commenting on this post!

Here are my accounts:


Thanks for reading!

– Tiana




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    1. Hi Daniel! I’m glad you like the slideshows! I thought they were pretty neat as well. Here is how you do it: After you add an image into your post, click on “change block type” in the upper left corner of the image and it will give you several options for how you would like to present your image(s)!


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