Social Media: Friend or Foe?

It all Started with Likes I remember the first time I paid attention to Facebook likes. I was scrolling through my Facebook feed when I came across a friend's profile picture that had just been added. Because she was my friend, I thought I'd better give it a like. As I moved the little arrow …

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My Digital Identity

First of all, do I Even Have a Digital Identity? Like nearly everyone in the world today, I do indeed have a digital identity. At the most, I post to social media maybe once or twice a month, which for some people, that might seem like an awfully low number, but despite my lack of …

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Hey there EDTC peeps! Thanks for checking out my blog. In the following video I will introduce myself, share a few of my favourite hobbies, and list my three goals for EDTC 400. Also, since I literally just re-installed Twitter on my phone, feel free to check out my Twitter profile!