Pre-Internship Week: Visual Art and Good Byes

I can’t believe it. My time with Ms. Hiebert and her grade 7 and 8’s has come to an end. I have learned so much from them and I hope the students have learned as much from me. Today was a sad but fun day. I taught my first visual art lesson which was exciting and the students did great. I have gained an incredible amount of confidence and have learned how to be disciplinary when need be. The students were so good during my lesson that I really didn’t need to be stern (good but kind of unfortunate because I was totally ready). During gym class, however, they were very crazy and got to use my stern voice! I also used a watch and timed my set, development, and closure. Despite also having to watch for when our pizza would be arriving, everything went smoothly in a timely fashion. Once the pizza arrived, I remembered to give specific instruction for what to do while I was gone. Checkmark for classroom management! We then partook in a pizza party and it was fabulous; the best day ever. The students were sad to see us go but Molly and I were close to devastated. We plan to attend their Christmas concert that we helped them rehearse for! I am looking forward to seeing them again.





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