Pre-Internship Week 7: Social Studies and Visual Cues

My goal for this week was going back to the basics. While I still wanted to improve how well I keep students engaged and listening, I also wanted to improve my writing skills on the board. I had Molly take a few pictures of me teaching last week and while looking through them, couldn’t help but notice how horrific my writing was! Obviously this isn’t a major issue, but it is something that I will eventually need to work on so why not start now? I definitely did better so I’m happy about that!

Concerning the engagement of the students, I once again used a Prezi, which had them listening intently. At times when the Prezi wasn’t in use, I used my hand to signal that its time to be quiet, or to count down to quiet time. This worked a bit. When visual cues didn’t work, and they were getting over excited, I began to raise my voice and explained that we won’t get to the activity if they continue with their behavior. This worked much better! I should have raised my voice more than I did, I’m still getting over that fear I guess. Next week I will work more on this.

During the fur trading activity, I purposely gave them little instruction regarding how the activity worked to see how they would take it and make it their own. It went really well! Some of them decided to establish their own trading post and made a sign with a name and everything! I never expected that and thought it was super cool! I did, however, run out of time in the end. I had to record everyone’s score and once that was over I didn’t have enough time for the closure. There was one other day that I also lost track of time and had to make the closure quick. This will be another thing I will work on next week. I think I I will write down times on my lesson notes and use a watch.




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