Pre-Internship Day 5: English and Being Disciplinary

So… I decided to challenge myself a bit and have the students debate. Today’s lesson was on what a debate is, the format and structure, as well as the skills needed. I used two short video clips to help students get a visual of the setup and created a workbook to help them with their research and group organization. Sometimes I worry that I use the projector too much. I wonder if it is ok to use it with nearly every lesson. It is so helpful because students engage a lot better with the projector than if I just use the whiteboard.

I feel so much more confident now. It is visibly noticeable according to my observers, however, I could be a bit more strict. I fear that being too strict will encourage the students to act up even more for me, nonetheless, I know that with my level of discipline, I have a long way to go before it begins backfiring. Being more disciplinary would help with my classroom management too, so next week I think that will be my goal again.

I hope that the students will have time during the week to work on their debate workbooks. I organized their times so that each has a strong leader so hopefully that will help. I’m excited to see what they will bring to the table, or rather, the podium!



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