Pre-Internship Day 4: Social Studies and “On the Fly” Decisions


Today was another exceptional day! My lesson was on Canada’s environmental stewardship and sustainability. I decided to make a Prezi this time to make the lesson more engaging (I’ll try and link it below). It followed the lifecycle of a water bottle from the extraction of oil to landfills. Incorporating a Prezi took a bit more time and energy than my other lessons, but it was definitely worth it! The students were very engaged and excited to see what was coming next in the life cycle. I was able to connect this content to average Canadian living using facts from Statistics Canada, and then further connected it to the life of my students. We then came up with a few action plans for living a more sustainable life, such as simply not buying plastic water bottles!

As I mentioned last week, some of the students have begun throwing challenging questions at me. One of the students, today, did just that. Their question made me think for a moment but I knew that they knew the answer and were just trying to be funny. I decided to answer the smart-ass question with a smart ass answer which the rest of the class enjoyed. I was immediately thrown another question by the same student- this time even sillier, but rather than answer this time, I just gave them an unimpressed look and carried on. The student laughed and that was that. If the same questions had been asked on my first day, I would have answered differently (as if the student really needed the answer). In this way, the student would have been able to take advantage of my little experience with teaching. As I get to know each of the students better, I learn how to respond to their actions. This makes teaching much easier and keeps that students on their toes. During post-conference, I questioned veering away from indicators (something I talked about in my last post). We discussed that, especially when I have my own class, sometimes it is essential to move away from the original lesson and its previously decided outcomes and indicators. Once in a while, students will have questions that really do need answering, and sometimes the answer may need to take form of a completely new lesson.

In regards to my professional goal, my instructions were clear and students were engaged. Having a Prezi definitely helped with this! Also, doing water tasting experiments kept everyone (even the most unengaged student) totally into the lesson from beginning to end! I think that this way have been my best lesson yet!




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