Pre-Internship Day 3: Science and a Warm Heart

I wasn’t as nervous today! My communication was much better and I don’t think I said “guys” at all and my use of “k” and “okay” was minimal. I still need to work on not saying “k”  but “okay” is proper English so that’s ok… (see what I did there). Referring to the students as grade 7s and 8s has saved me from calling them guys. Yay!

My lesson was on Indigenous Perspectives of Ecosystems. I was worried that it might get a bit boring but because my set and closure were short and exciting, students were engaged throughout. My use of videos to teach about Indigenous Perspectives was successful and had good timing as well. To close, we drank tea made from plants native to Saskatchewan and the students loved it! At the end of the day, several of them wanted to take an extra tea bag home despite it not being the best tasting, and one student told me that it was the best lesson he had ever received! My heart wanted to explode. There I was, stressing that I had just delivered a boring lesson, while my students had actually taken a lot from it. That comment will stay with me for a long time.

One thing that I forgot to do was have the students get out their writing materials beforehand. This was something Ms. Hiebert commented on last week and I had meant to do today. Next week I will specifically write on my lesson plan to have students be ready before I begin, hopefully this will help me. My goal for next week will further address my directional strategies. Some areas I would like to have observed are how well I establish directions, how well students can comprehend my direction, how well I keep them on task, and how I am able to make on the fly decisions that might move away from my initial direction. There have already been several instances where a student brings up an interesting topic or I am reminded of something important and, therefore, begin a new direction in my lesson. Specifically, I would like to know if I am able to branch off without going too far from my initial lesson and its objectives, or if it is sometimes appropriate to not always hit all of the indicators. I guess I will find out next week!



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