Last Day at Wascana Daycare

Well, I have officially put in my 20 hours of volunteering at Wascana Daycare. I think that I may continue to go for a few more days though because I enjoy it so much! Looking back at my first CBSL post, I was fairly accurate. Something that wasn’t quite right was that I said that the Daycare followed a “play to learn” policy. While this is technically true, it isn’t just a policy but actually a curriculum– specifically, the Play and Exploration curriculum. After all the time I have spent exploring the Saskatchewan curriculum, I am surprised I never noticed the PreK section. I have since looked, however, and it certainly is. Along with learning that Wascana Daycare implements the Saskatchewan curriculum, I also have come to know that the daycare has more rules than I first thought. My first post discusses how children are free to make their own decisions and can play as much as their hearts desire. Well, that isn’t entirely true. First, the younger children have a mandatory nap time once a day. I am not sure what ages have to participate in nap time, but the younger children definitely need to. Second, children are not allowed to run around inside, sit or lay goofy on furniture, talk louder than regular volume, or play with certain toys at certain times. These rules are necessary in keeping a calm environment and teaching respect.

My greatest learning experience that I received was familiarizing age with ability. Something I have struggled with, especially in planning lessons, is knowing what children are capable of at each age– physically, mentally, and emotionally. A lot of the time I have had to research a particular age to try and figure out if they would be able to handle a lesson activity I was planning. Being with children as young as ages 18 months all the way up to 6, 7, and sometimes 8, has certainly expanded my horizons. Planning lessons has already proven to be easier now that I can better comprehend each age group’s development and growth! Not only is this beneficial to my lessons, but also to how I interact with children. It sounds silly, but this new knowledge will be of great benefit to me as both a teacher and someone who just simply likes kids. I am so very grateful to have had this experience. Thank you, Wascana Daycare!


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