Pre-Internship Day 2: Math and Anxiety

Today I taught my first math lesson. Having been my first lesson taught to real students ever, I was sooooo anxious! Adding math to the situation did not help things. I have felt slightly nauseous the past couple days and barely slept last night but I feel like I am on cloud nine now! My lesson went great! I am proud to say that I was able to get students excited about math and successfully taught them how to divide mixed numbers.

According to Janice, I used “guys” only once but used “k” several times. Shoot! I’m gonna have to keep working on that. Fortunately, I have begun catching myself when I say those terms which is a good start to kicking the habit. I was afraid that, because I had to reteach myself the math, I would not sound knowledgeable. In the end, I was able to properly demonstrate the equations and correctly aswered questions without hesitation. If I could change anything it wouldn’t be the lesson at all but, rather, just having students get their materials out ahead of time. When it came time for students to follow along with me in their notebooks, it took them awhile to get their paper and pencils out. Janice suggested that having them prepared beforehand would smooth out that transition from listening to writing.

Next week I am to introduce the class to a new science unit: Indigenous Perspectives on the Ecosystem. I am so much more confident now and look forward to getting back into the classroom. From what Janice and I discussed, next week I will work on making a clear set, development, and closer that fit appropriate time frames. Because today was a bit of a review, my set took 10 minutes. Next week I plan to spend approximately five minutes on my set–just enough to get students excited and thinking about the topic. I hope they will be as excited as I am!








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