Pre-Internship Day 1: Introduction

I have officially finished day one of my pre-internship and it was amazing; Whoop whoop! Our students appeared to enjoy our activity as much as Molly and I did despite it being quite lengthy. The only thing I would change about today is perhaps our chosen activity. Rather than doing one long activity– which lost students’ interest near the end– using several smaller activities would have worked better.

I can already tell that this class is going to leave a huge impact on me. I was told by several teachers I know (particularly retired teachers) that grades 7 and 8 are the hardest to teach. Most of the time I was met with a fake laugh and sarcastic “good luck”; however, these students are so sweet and welcoming! They come from diverse backgrounds and put forth a wide variety of personalities and energies which can be intimidating, but they did well at making me feel comfortable as their teacher.

As far as my professional goal goes, despite mispronouncing Ms. Hiebert’s name, my enunciation was on point. I did, however, let “guy” slip out which was disappointing. This is a term I use often and is proving to be a difficult habit to kick. Another term that has become problematic for me is “k”. I have never been made aware of my overuse of “k”; thankfully, I can begin addressing this issue early on with Ms. Hiebert’s help. The feedback I am receiving is encouraging and so very helpful. Knowing clearly where my areas of improvement are will make creating goals a breeze; I will definitely request that Ms. Hiebert continue to record my use of “guy” and “k”. Because today was less of a lesson and more of an activity I had very little anxiety, however, I can already tell that next week is going to be a whirlwind of anxiety and stress which will have a negative effect on my communication skills.

I am planning to stick to Donna’s predetermined goal for next week: “to develop strong verbal and nonverbal communication skills”. Anxiety impacts both my verbal and nonverbal communication so this goal is perfect. I look forward to seeing how much I improve over the course of these next 7 weeks as I discover who I am as a teacher!


Here are few photos I took of the classroom:



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