Teaching Philosophy​

I believe in individuality.

Each person is unique in their strengths and weaknesses and education should challenge their strengths and encourage their weaknesses.  This can only be achieved if students are recognized as individuals.  Creating lessons that are inclusive to each student’s individual qualities is a large component of my practice.  The goal should be for each student to achieve personal success and with each lesson I gain a better understanding of how to better the next.


I believe that education is exciting.

Each person needs to view themselves as lifelong learners and the only way to make that happen is to make learning enjoyable.  Lessons that are consistently boring lack effectiveness and negate students’ outlook on learning.  Putting variety into instructional strategies and incorporating diverse materials can enhance any lesson.


I believe in empathy, equity, and empowerment.  

The world is ever-changing and education should not be any different.  Our classrooms need to be inclusive places despite what is beyond their doors.  As teachers, we are at the frontline in guiding the coming generations to their greatest potential.  Education should prepare youth for the world that is but also equip them for the world that could be.


I believe that education is more than planned lessons.

Unplanned learning moments where teachers are confronted with opportunities to offer insight should be cherished.  Sometimes, these are the lessons that have the greatest impact on students and should not be overlooked.  Besides, we are more than simply classroom teachers — we are life teachers.

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