Drawing to Music

GRADE 5 ARTS EDUCATION – Visual Art/Music Lesson Template

Lesson Time Required: 50 minutes

Required Resources and Materials:

  • Blank Paper
  • Pencils/Pencil Crayons/Markers
  • Speakers or another way to play music
  • Access to a way to play whatever music the students may choose
  • Tables to colour at

Grade Level and Conceptual Focus: Grade 5 (Pop Culture)

Key Inquiry Question(s): How does pop culture affect music and in turn, your response to it?

Arts Education Components Addressed: Critical/Responsive

Proposed Learning Outcomes & Indicators:

Visual Art/ Music:

Outcome: CR5.2 – Respond critically and creatively to a variety of pop culture expressions.

Indicator: a. – Research contemporary popular Canadian artists and art expressions and create own work in response.

Planned Learning Activities:

  1. Each student gets a white piece of paper and a writing utensil.
  2. Ask students if they know any Canadian music artists. Research an appropriate Canadian music artist with students and find an appropriate song.
  3. Play the selected song and have students respond to what they hear by closing their eyes, and creating scribbles that represent what they hear and feel while they listen to the music.
  4. Once the song is finished have the students open their eyes and look at what they’ve drawn. Have the students pick out images that they see in their scribbles and colour them in.
  5. Once all the students have finished coloring have the students share their pictures in small groups and let other students describe what they see in the pictures being shared. Once each group has seen and discussed all the pictures in their group hand the drawings back to their owners.
  6. Have students try and title their art based on what they drew and how they felt their picture reflected the song that they listened to. Share the titles and the students reasoning for the titles in the small groups.

Remind the students that there is no wrong way to interpret the song and their picture.
After all students are finished have the students answer the inquiry questions

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