The Prairie Wind Blows

Have students sit on chairs in a circle with one person standing in the middle. The person in the middle will say one truth about themselves. Anyone in the circle with whom the truth applies to (including the middle person) will then leave their spot in the circle, cross through the center of the circle, and take a different, empty chair in the circle. However, there are only enough chairs around the circle for everyone minus one (like musical chairs). The individual who ends up without a chair around the circle becomes the new middle person and has to state one truth about themselves. Then the process is repeated. It is possible for chairs not be used but this is trickier.


  • Icebreaker
  • Students will learn more about their peers
  • Good exercise for getting the blood flowing


  • Space
  • Not suitable for students with slower mobility


  • Can be used as a warm up in any class or as a brain break
  • Positive relationship builder- creating a bond between students


  • If chairs are not being used, have every two students on the perimeter circle partner up with the person beside them and link arms so that students will then look for someone who needs a partner rather than looking for an empty spot.

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