First, number students off 1-4 (depending on how many students) and remind students to remember their number. Have all students walk around the room with purpose and after several seconds announce one of the student’s numbers. The students who were given that number will stop, begin to shout, “I’m crumbling!” and begin to slow motion crumble to the floor. In order to save the crumbling people, three hands of the student’s whose numbers were not called must be placed on the crumbling person before they hit the ground.


  • Teamwork- it is vital for students to help each other
  • Awareness of surroundings- students will need to be attentive of their peers while also paying attention to their own duties.
  • Icebreaker
  • Creates trust between students


  • Space
  • Size of class


  • Uniting students- creating positive relationships through teamwork within a humorous setting
  • Can be used as a grouping mechanism


  • Using negative and positive numbers. Students can only save students whose numbers add with theirs to create a positive number. For example, if a negative 1 was called, then any number that is below a negative 1 would not be able to help; or if a positive 4 was called, any number that is below negative four would not be able to help.
  • Calling more than one number at a time- interesting to see how students react
  • Falling instead of crumbling (best used after group has established trust)

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