Animal Farm

Fill an envelope with small papers that have animal names on them. There should be one name per every 3-6 pieces of paper (may vary depending on size of class). On the back of each paper will be the sound that the animal on the front makes. Have students draw a piece of paper and keep it to themselves. Turn off the lights and tell them to begin creating the noise of their animal and to congregate with the other animals of their species.


  • Helps students ability to replicate animal noises
  • Navigating in the dark- trust


  • Language barriers
  • Some students may need the lights on for fear or other reasons
  • A location where light can be almost completely eliminated is necessary (If students can see where the noises are coming from then the exercise loses meaning)
  • Space


  • Can be used as a grouping mechanism
  • Can be used to warm up students vocals


  • When learning another language, instead of using English names and sounds, use that of the other language to aid in the memorization, spelling, and pronunciation of animal sounds.
  • An interesting idea would be to use sounds of none living things such as a creaky door or plates breaking. This would be a fun exercise to see the diversity in how students interpret noises.

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