A Tableau Story

Partner student up into pairs. In their pairs, they will begin by shaking hands and mid-shake they will freeze to form their first tableau. Then, one of them will unfreeze and form a new scene with their “still frozen” partner. Students will take turns freezing and unfreezing to form new tableaus until the teacher decides to stop. Each group will then choose their favorite tableau and take a turn performing for the class.

Remind the students not to take too long when deciding on their tableau and to be creative.


  • Stimulates creativity
  • Fast thinking


  • Repetitive actions
  • Some students may physically struggle


  • Can bring students out of their shell
  • Expands students understanding of visual representations
  • aould be used as an breaker


  • Could be used with more than two people
  • Music could be played and students can see how the music affects their tableaus.
  • Students could create narratives


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