Imaginary Ball Toss Name Game


For this activity, participants are to stand in a circle about a foot apart. One participant begins by pretending to throw a ball to another participant in the circle. The receiver of the imaginary ball pretends to catch the ball by clapping their hands. They then pass the imaginary ball to a different participant. This process goes on until everyone has caught the imaginary ball and then it repeats with participants always throwing to the same person that they originally threw to.

To increase the difficulty, an actual ball may be added. This time, when participants catch the ball, they will say their name before passing it. Once the ball has been caught by everyone, the last participant to have caught the ball throws it back to whom first through it to them while saying that participants name. Keep in mind that participants wouldn’t have been told to remember names so this is a good activity to catch students attention.


  • Memorization of names
  • Nonverbal communication
  • Icebreaker
  • Encourages concentration


  • May not be timely
  • Communication may be unclear


  • Icebreaker
  • Warm up
  • Can be used as a brain break


  • Adding actual balls
  • Two balls may be added to increase focus and concentration
  • Reversing so that participants throw to who had originally thrown to them.
  • Instead of saying their own name, participants say the name of who they are throwing to.


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