Summary of Learning


Holy crap, these have been some stressful past few days! Where do I even start?

First, to make my project, I used a site called Powtoon which allowed me to make a cool cartoon of myself explaining everything I have learned. I loved the site and thought it was super neat. It got a little glitchy at times but it was easy to save and refresh and that made the glitching go away. I had been working on the project for the past three weeks because as soon as I tried a cool idea, I failed miserably. First, I wanted to make a video of myself pretending to be on a safari exploring different networkings… I didn’t have the right tools to go through with it or else I just suck at using my computer. Next, I tried making a comic book where I am a secret agent and Katia is my boss who gets me to go on all these missions to uncover the secrets of different networks. I was going to have Phillip Rose be the bad guy who brings upon road blocks on my missions. I was super pumped about this idea but after many failing attempts at trying different comicbookmakers on the web and in the app store, I crumpled up that idea as well. Just over a week ago, while researching ways that I could do this project, I stumbled upon Powtoon and gave it a try. I loved it! I began forming my project and everything was going smoothly. Like the site recommends, I made a script, added subtitles, AND THEN  I began to add symbols and objects. Today, I had everything finished and ready to export to youtube by 11:00 am when a box popped up saying “Unable to export. You have PREMIUM characters within your movie.” I died a little. Had I been using premium? Somehow I had been on a two-day trial of premium and was using all the locked characters! I tried and tried to make it work but no matter what I did I could save it or export it! I decided to see how much of my work was gone if deleted all the premium characters but I was left with just the background and the subtitles. I began literally having a panic attack and as tears streamed down my cheeks I began attempting to “hack” my way into exporting this premium movie I had made. I tried  making a new account where I then began my two-day trial and then tried to partner that account with my original account… no luck. I tried using a USB stick, no luck, I tried to screen record… no luck! I was freaking out! The site was getting so glitchy and I wasn’t able to save and refresh because I wasn’t allowed to save a premium movie if I haven’t paid for it… so I did it… I bought the premium plan… 89$ and all:

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 7.17.12 PM

I was pretty torn that I had to go the lengths I did but at least now I would be struggle free. Or so I thought. I waited for that confirmation email for about 10 minutes and then began to sob again! No confirmation! and no confirmation email = no premium plan! Again, I died a little. I am actually surprised I am still alive! So, what to do? By this time, it was about 10:00 pm and I NEEDED to get this thing in on time! Because I was completely drained of energy, time, and patience, I decided to do something sort of illegal and I screen recorded my movie… If you are wondering why all the icons and characters have little locks on all of them, that is because they are supposed to be locked for only premium members. I am so, so, SO sorry that this project is not as good as it could be and if the premium plan ever kicks in, I can assure that I will post a better video without little locks everywhere and echoing audio. But for now, here is my Summary of Learning Project:








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