Why Duolingo?

Learning Spanish with Duolingo has been a breeze. It is easy to use and SO fun! Because it records which words you understand, which words you struggle with, and which words you down right don’t understand, the app changes to match your learning level. My favourite aspect of Duolingo is that it records your progress and reminds you to practice. Did I mention that it is completely free! I can go on and on about Duolingo so I thought I’d make a video showing YOU how it works and why I like it so freaking much!

Here is my screen recording of Duolingo:


Duolingo, Inc. 2016. Duolingo. [Mobile application software]. https://www.duolingo.com


7 thoughts on “Why Duolingo?

  1. Duolingo is definitely a great FREE app to learn a new language! I really like how you have a video that we can watch to see your progress! I have also tried learning Spanish through this app, and I agree that it is very useful. Good luck, and keep up the good work!


  2. I have tried Duolingo before, but I kept forgetting about it because I was never learning a new language for a project but I thought it would be neat to know Spanish. I really enjoyed the app for when I was using it, maybe I should try and learn again because I kind of forgot about it. Oops 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration to start learning a new language again!


    1. Tiana Grace

      Happy I could help inspire you Ms.Keller! I changed my setting so that the app will notify me when I am getting behind. Even with the notifications and it being for a project, I still forget to practice. It’s definitely all about determination. Goodluck!


  3. What a great tool! I took French in high school and found it really hard. I think mostly because I wasn’t able to actually HEAR someone speaking often. I really want to learn a new language (it’s on my bucket list) so I am definitely going to save this! Thanks for sharing!


  4. whitneyczerwonka9

    A couple students are using Duolingo for genius hour and absolutely love it. Not only are they interested in the tool but are learning quickly. Often it is hard to get them to put it down after the hour is up which is very sweet!


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