Week 1 of learning Spanish


Boy has this learning process been strenuous! From technical difficulties to having to change my learning process altogether, I have had an intense time trying to make this work but alas, things are now coming together! Though I had originally begun my learning project by learning how to tattoo, unfortunately, the process was going by way too fast, and using technology as my educator  was next to impossible. Thankfully, I had a backup plan and now, here I am, learning Spanish. To begin, week one has treated me swell and I can say that I truly have been enjoying this fascinating language. As you will see in the video posted below, the Spanish language has several differences in the way they use their words vs how we use words. For example, one word in Spanish can translate into a whole phrase in English. This has posed as a struggle for me but I am excited -and nervous- to see what the next weeks throw at me!

Below is week one’s progress documentation:


Duolingo, Inc. 2016. Duolingo. [Mobile application software]. https://www.duolingo.com/skill/es/Basics-1

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